Lotus Global is an international group of IT companies, system integrators of the full cycle. We have been working on the IT market since 2004. Lotus Global is the official premier partner of the Terrasoft group of companies since 2006 (the largest CRM developer in the CIS), the partners of the vendors “Telephone systems” and Qlik.
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Our goal is to create and provide complex solutions for efficient automation of any business sphere and all its processes: from attracting potential customers to controlling the quality of service.

Lotus Global is constantly developing, in accordance with the trends of the IT market. Our experts, regardless of the scope of their activities, regularly improve their qualifications and form a professional image of the company. Our developers and business consultants have extensive practical experience in automating business processes.

Our clients are representatives of small, medium and large businesses in the CIS and abroad. We work with companies from various industries, creating full-fledged CRM solutions, taking into account both industry and individual specifics of the work of our clients.

The main directions of our activity:

Business expertise, analysis of small areas
Optimization of business processes based on best practices
Development of analytical reports, regulations and KPIs
Preparation for CRM project implementation
Customer Relationship Management
Solutions for marketing, sales and service
Ready-made solutions for 15 business sectors
Adaptation, implementation and maintenance
Projects of any complexity – from office ATC to industrial Call-centers
Synchronization with external systems and services
Operative adaptation to the specifics of business
Quality control of implementation from the vendor
BI (business intelligence)
Forecasting and analysis of management effectiveness
Support for strategic decision-making
Self-service portals / customer office
Integration of the site with CRM and IT infrastructure
Development, layout, web-design
SEO-optimization, context setting
Project support
Support for existing projects on the basis of bpm’online in “hotline” mode
Maintenance and development of IT infrastructure
Configuring Integration with Industry Services

Automation of business processes for transport and logistics companies: from first contact to the management of transportation.

We develop web applications of any complexity. Web portals, services, platforms or even a simple layout by template.

The systems of enterprise management automation occupy a key place in the IT ecosystem of any business.