CRM systems

CRM systems


The systems of enterprise management automation occupy a key place in the IT ecosystem of any business.

The importance of enterprise automation can not be overestimated, because the speed of all processes in the company directly depends on the degree of automation of the company. The popularity of software for business speaks for itself when looking at market growth. For example, according to Gartner, the CRM market grows by an average of 9% annually.  As the experience of Lotus experts shows, maximum benefit comes from integrated automation of companies, although automation of certain directions of an enterprise’s activity can also significantly increase its competitiveness.

CRM-systems cover the main areas of customer relationship management and allow:

  • consolidate information about customers, partners and suppliers in a single information space;
  • build interaction between employees of different departments;
  • manage all tasks involved in the sales process;
  • organize marketing events, evaluate the effectiveness of each activity;
  • automate internal workflow;
  • monitor and analyze the results.