Logistics software

Logistics software


Automation of business processes for transport and logistics companies: from first contact to the management of transportation.

Transport companies are interested in automating relationships with customers no less than their colleagues from other industries. But often, in addition to the classic tasks of prompt reaction to the client’s request and tracking the history of interaction, the company’s success on the market is provided by employees’ access to information about the location of the cargo and the choice of reliable contractors for transportation.

In the transport and logistics industry, the processes cover both direct regulations, rules for working with clients, and contracting organizations. And within the limits of one transaction on transportation there are various segments with different kinds of transportations and within the limits of each transportation work with different contractors of different level with the different documentation, with different rules, speed, control points, etc. can be conducted. For our company, such complex tasks are the most interesting, and therefore we decided to do our best to make the life of the sales managers of transport and logistics services easier and more interesting and to help the logisticians when working with a large number of contractors, customers and different types of transportation.

In addition to the benefits of CRM, our industry-specific solution also allows you to fully close all operational logistics processes. In the framework of CRM, the client is attracted, the sale is carried out, and then some of the logistics are included, in which there is the opportunity to submit orders, track margin, control points, document circulation with customers and carriers, deadlines, keep accounts and contracts, and much more.

We have developed a product line for logistics companies:

Logistics Expeditor

Logistics Cargo

Logistics Rail

And also additions to them, like integrations with various services.