WEB development

WEB development


We develop web applications of any complexity. Web portals, services, platforms or even a simple layout by template.

Our team has experience developing various web applications. We are, high-level frontend and backend developers. We like to make the frontend adaptive, cross-browser, and responsive, in full accordance with the layout. We use advanced technologies and approaches in development. Our frontend developers use ‘vue’, we use various pre and postprocessors for styles, we are always very scrupulous about building an architecture.

On the backend, we prefer PHP laravel. Always the most flexible, modular architecture, handling any behavior of the system.

Inside the team there is always a strict account of working hours, which transparently affects the cost of the project. Additional tools like VCS systems allow us to use the best workflow practices for project development. Such workflow involves quality control of each piece of code and the architecture of the application as a whole.